EV Battery Manufacturing, Maintenance & Recycling

New Ventures

UREL has a Joint Venture initiative on EV Battery manufacturing, Maintenance & Recycling for using in Easy Bike 3-wheeler Vehicles


This is a three year project implemented jointly by UREL & A&P Battery manufacturing Company located at Sonargaon Upazila of Narayangonj district. By working in this venture for 3-years UREL has gained adequate experience and technical know-how on the following key areas of the EV Battery:

  • Factory Safety procedure

  • Factory Code of Conduct

  • Battery Raw materials requirement

  • Raw materials Quality Assurance

  • Raw materials sourcing

  • Battery charging technology & charging devices

  • Information guidelines

  • Caution message for the users

  • Battery Water Label monitoring

  • Standard packaging materials & design

  • Factory management

  • Factory Compliance Certificates

  • Battery inspection Guidelines

  • Battery Transportation safety & security

  • Longevity of Battery

  • Battery use in a Vehicle

  • Battery Fittings process in the Vehicle

  • Battery Maintenance Standards

  • Battery Storage technology

  • Battery Recycling Safety procedure

  • Community demand for Batteries

EV Battery Manufacturing in Easy Bike and Three Wheelers