Collaborative Project for Battery manufacturing

New Ventures

UREL-Rahim Afroz collaborative project for Battery manufacturing & marketing at home & abroad


  • UREL has entered into a Collaborative Agreement with Rahim Afroz Battery manufacturing Company in Bangladesh to provide technical support to UREL in the process of manufacturing & marketing Batteries.

  • Rahim Afroz has over 50 years of experience as a Country & Global Leader in Battery manufacturing, marketing & exporting Batteries using its GLOBATT Branding.

  • In the process of Collaboration, UREL & Rahim Afroz will jointly support each other for manufacturing, marketing & exporting Batteries.

  • In an individual capacity UREL operates another A&P Battery manufacturing factory located at Sonargaon Upazila of Narayangonj district. In doing so, Rahim Afroz provides Technical Support to UREL to develop UREL’s capacity to grow to a required standard in this sector.

  • Both parties are exploring suitable investment pattern to enable mutual benefits in the short & long term.
  • UREL is working to open its first Battery Recycling industry at African Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through a joint collaboration process.

UREL and Rahimafroz collaborative project in battery manufactu