Solar Powered Irrigation

Solar Irrigation Project

Project Overview:

  • This is a Solar-powered Irrigation project with 32 irrigation pumps located in village area of Chuadanga & Meherpur districts.

  • The project has provided irrigation to 11,422 bighas of land and benefited 14,688 farmers.

  • The project has conducted 32 capacity-building sessions for various stakeholders, involving 1,266 participants.

  • The project has used high-quality equipment with technical specifications such as 305W solar panels, 15kW submersible pumps, and 98.3% efficient inverters.
Solar Irrigation Project


  • The project is implemented by UDDIPAN, to contribute towards poverty alleviation and social development in Bangladesh.

  • The project is funded by IDCOL, a government-owned financial institution that promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency in Bangladesh.

  • The project aims to provide irrigation to smallholder farmers who lack access to reliable and affordable sources of water for agriculture. 
Promoting Renewable Energy for Agriculture


  • The project has increased the crop production and yield of the farmers, as well as their income and livelihood.

  • The project has reduced the drudgery and labor involved in traditional irrigation methods, especially for women.

  • The project has diversified the livelihood options of the farmers, who can now grow different crops throughout the year.

  • The project has made the farmers more resilient to climate change and water scarcity, as well as reducing their dependence on fossil fuels.
Empowering farmers through Solar Irrigation Projects