International collaborative in African Congo project

UREL & Uddipan International collaborative in African Congo project

Conceptual Framework of the Project:

The Community Housing Project is a Low-cost, Eco friendly & Solar-powered Design suitable for poorer section of the community to be funded by Gifts, Donations, Zakats & Voluntary contributions of people of Home & Abroad. Other funding sources may also include Government contribution, Organizational CSR and in particular, the Voluntary contribution of Bangladeshi people living in UK & other Countries of the World.

Some of the features of UREL’s Community Housing Project will be as follows:

The Housing project will be a Cluster Housing Model having adequate safety & security system. It will be urban connected with all basic facilities including Health care accessibility, good road conditions & transport facilities especially for women, children & the elderly.

The places will be selected considering above flood water level, existence of local markets, shopping centres, educational institutions and the children Playing field facilities. Preference will be given to Women having inadequate Assets and or Resources.

UREL and Uddipan International Collaboration in African Congo Project