Collaborative project for Mutual Trade Promotion

UREL & WALTON Collaborative project for Mutual Trade Promotion with Brand-value Home Appliances in Home & Abroad.

This is a joint initiative of UREL & WALTON companies for Mutual Trade Promotions in Bangladesh markets and Overseas. In Bangladesh WALTON has a Leadership Role in Manufacturing Industries that occupies a major Market Share.

They are producing almost all Modern Household Electronic & Electric Products, Digital Devices, Kitchen Materials and many more items for wide range of the Community in Bangladesh and Overseas Markets.

Currently, WALTON is giving priority focus to the manufacturing of Devices for the Digital Solutions. UREL has a unique capacity of exploring national & international Business marketing with BRAND VALUE products. In UREL we have capacity to establish & promote professional business linkage with the possible Buyer Organizations especially in Middle East & UK and other EU Countries.

UREL &-WALTON Collaborative project is aiming at exploring Mutual Trade Promotion with WALTON Brand-value Products in Home & Abroad.

UREL and WALTON Collaborative Project